final song selection

25 01 2008

Update:  **No sooner had we decided on the songs below than Dave got inspired and wrote a song called One that we both really liked.  We decided that it was definitely an album track and that meant that one of the songs below had to go.  The unlucky song was Irresistible, which we decided to replace just four days before tracking.** 

Dave and I finally sat down on Wednesday night to nail down our final song selection for the album – ugh.  As we sat studying the lengthy list of possible candidates, we realized the process was kind of like asking “now which of your children do you love more than the others?”  How do you even begin to choose, as each song resonates with varied experiences and emotional ties?  If money were no issue, we’d have an album of 20+ songs, no doubt.

After an hour, though, we had it – a complete list of songs for our album.  Though we were prepared to test the strength of our marriage and our tact in expressing artistic differences, God was faithful in answering our prayers and led us to the same songs. Here they are, folks:

One in a Million

Be Glorious

Shout it Out

These Precious Minutes



Light of the World


The Face of God

Restore Me

Thunder Roll 



3 responses

28 01 2008

I know it is a relief to have those picked out! I can’t wait to hear the album!

5 02 2008

As usual, late to the party, but I’m sure this is an exciting milestone. I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one willing to purchase a 20+ song album. Looking forward to reading more, and, what the hay, hearing an album down the road.

17 02 2008
Rebecca Zellmer

Can’t wait to hear the album! How exciting!

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