Day 1 in Nashville

4 02 2008

Well, Day 1 has come to a close here in Nashville.  It was a fun day – if a bit uninteresting from the recording side of things.  We managed to arrive at our friends Jake and Diane’s house in time to catch the Super Bowl last night and then I headed off to Scott Williamson’s home studio today to do a bit of pre-production.  The day was spent working on acoustic guitar tracks, picking out drum loops, and doing scratch vocals so that I can do more listening than playing when we get to the studio on Tuesday.

After completing our tasks for the day we gathered with some old friends at Genghis Grill in Cool Springs, a favorite restaurant from our days in Nashville.  Jake and Clint, both from my old band Better Days Ahead, were there with their wives Diane and Courtney.  Jarrod and Jamie, good friends from Greenville College, also joined us.  We had a blast catching up with each other and reminiscing about the funny things we’ve been through together.  (Here’s a random tidbit for you: Clint is now playing guitar with two former American Idol finalists.)   Ultimately we ended up closing the place, finally taking our cue to leave when the waiter began to clean our table rather demonstratively.

Tomorrow it’s off to the studio! 



2 responses

5 02 2008

Yay! I am glad yall are enjoying your time there so far. This CD is gonna rock! 🙂

21 02 2008
Matt J

Ghengis Grill? Long live the Dragon Salt! I’m excited to hear your project!

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