Day 2 in Nashville

5 02 2008

Hey friends!  We had our first day in the studio today!  After hearing the band play through the first song to be tracked, we soon realized how incredibly blessed we are to be working with these musicians.  It’s fulfilling to hear our simple song demos transform into full sounds and expressive music.  The musicians have truly been able to channel our vision for these songs into something tangible.

We’ve tracked the band on five songs (Be Glorious, These Precious Minutes, Face of God, Shout it Out, and Restore Me) and will be hitting another four songs tomorrow.  We’ll also be re-recording some sections of two other previously recorded tracks tomorrow to round out our 11-song album.  The schedule we’re keeping has made for a long day, but it’s great to see us making such progress.

We’re shooting a good deal of video, and hope to have that up soon, as I’m sure the paragraphs of text are getting pretty boring (and cannot begin to communicate all that we’re experiencing!).

Thanks for reading – more coming soon! 



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