Vocal Days 1 and 2

19 02 2008

Well our home is now a studio…of sorts.  (By the way, we’d be happy to take your suggestions for what our home studio should be called.)  We have two extra bedrooms connected by a short hallway, one of which is now our vocal iso booth and the other of which is now our control room.  In the first room, our newly redecorated guest room, acoustic baffling surrounds two vocal mikes in the space between the bed and the closet.  In the second room, which functions as our computer room/study, our card table is set up next to a desk creating a workspace for the laptop, pre-amp, hard drives, mixer and converter.  Two studio monitors sit on speaker stands augmented by extra bricks from our backyard to achieve the optimum height.  It’s certainly a far cry from the professional studio we were in two weeks ago.

However, in spite of the seemingly endless tangle of cables and the gear placed wherever there was space, we are actually accomplishing something.  These days have been surprisingly productive and relaxing.  We have finished eight lead vocals already, leaving two left for tomorrow.  Then we’ll start on the background vocals that will complete each track.  We’ve even had time to take leisurely lunches and dinners and take breaks to enjoy clips of Brian Regan on YouTube.

Yesterday we began with Undone and Restore Me, then worked on Be Glorious and Light of the World.  Then today Jess put in most of the work, completing the lead vocals on Thunder Roll, These Precious Minutes and One.  In the afternoon I gave her voice a break and stepped in to do One in a Million.  That leaves Shout It Out and Face of God for tomorrow.  I’ll get some pictures up and describe the vocal process in a bit more detail later, but in the meantime we are moving along very well and getting some great performances on tape.



3 responses

20 02 2008

Hello. I hope today went well.

20 02 2008
Clay W.

Very cool, my friends! Can’t wait to see the pics.

hmm, studio name suggestions….

Raygun (very futuristic, in a retro way)

SungRay (punny!)

and other assorted ‘ray’ names (Since Tampa Bay already has “Devil Rays” I left that one out… ha!)

Everybody Loves Ray, man.

I’m sleepy. Can you tell?

20 02 2008
Clay W.

“Pro Fools with Pro Tools” has a nice ring to it, but… OK, I am going to bed.

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