Vocal Days 3 and 4

22 02 2008

The lead vocals are finished!  We completed the last two songs, Shout it Out and Face of God, on Wednesday and then went out for a celebratory dinner at Carrabba’s.  It was a rewarding week as we dug into each lead vocal and tried to get the best performance possible.  Scott brought a fresh perspective to the songs that helped us think creatively about the melody and delivery.  Now we turn our attention to background vocals, which we’ll cut with Scott in the same fashion on March 3-6. 

On a sad note, Scott left early on Thursday to attend the memorial service for a friend in Nashville who passed away unexpectedly on Sunday.  Jackie Street, one of Nashville’s legendary bass players, slipped into a diabetic coma over the weekend from which he could not be awakened.  Though we had originally planned to work on Thursday, the fact that we were well ahead of schedule made it possible for Scott to catch an earlier flight and attend the memorial service in Nashville.  It was a small but meaningful blessing for which we thank God. 

We’ll continue with the background vocals in a week.  Thanks for your continued prayer and support! 



One response

25 02 2008
Clay W.

Very sad to hear about Jackie Street. Way too young.
I’m glad you were able to let Scott get to the memorial service, I can only imagine what a service that was! Just the artists he’s played with would fill a sanctuary.

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