14 03 2008

We have now officially transitioned to the mixing process.  Greg, our guitar player, spent the morning with Scott in Nashville yesterday making the final additions to the song One, and now we have officially left the recording process behind and begun the mix.  The situation isn’t ideal.  Typically the mixing process for a record takes place in person.  The mix engineer spends a day (or more) working on a song and then invites the producer in to listen and “tweak” the mix.  Finally the artist listens to the completed mix and makes any suggestions he is so inclined to make.  (After which the mix engineer makes believe he is turning dials and changing levels, then says, “Is that better?” to which the artist responds, “Yes!  That’s perfect!”)

In an ideal world all of this would be able to happen together, in the same room, listening on the same monitors.  However, given the limitations of being 1000 miles away from Scott, we are using the technological marvel that is the Internet to achieve similar results.  Typically Scott sends us a mix and Jess and I will give it a few listens before responding with our comments.  We’ll spend some time dialoguing about various creative choices and then Scott will work up a second draft and send it over.

So far we have nailed down Face of God (which appears headed for title track status) and Be Glorious – which, let me just be frank, kicks tail!  It appears to be leading the race for album-opener.  We continue to move closer and closer to the day when we can share this project with all of you.  We can’t wait! 



One response

19 03 2008
clay w.

I’m sorry you guys are having to do the long-distance collaboration for the final mixes, that’s a bit of a drag (not to mention the time lag between ‘idea’ and ‘reality’). What you said about listening on the same monitors is so very true! Of course, the real test is to burn it to a CD and go play it on someone’s lame car stereo. If you can still hear your nuanced bits in there, then you’re golden!

Hey, can I be the guy who mutes the electric guitars and pulls all the drums way down in the mix for KSBJ airplay? Ha! (well, it’d be funny if it weren’t so true…)


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