More Mixes

2 04 2008

Slowly but surely the album is piecing itself together.  Last week we received a flurry of mixes from Scott who finally had some free time on his hands.  It was a week full of musical suprises.  Undone, a song that I had dismissed when it was in demo form, has become one of my favorites thanks to an insightful arrangement by Scott and a terrific piano part played by Jason Webb.  I love songs with drama and emotion and angst, three qualities that the new arrangement really accentuates.

Another surprise was One in a Million, a song that we had previously recorded as a demo with Scott before we left Nashville.  Though my ears had been growing tired of the original version, we added a new drum track and vocals, had Jason play some B3 and Scott play some Rhodes and all of a sudden it’s a whole new song.  I also ended up tweaking the lyric on the first and second verses to make it less campy and more mature.  Hopefully all the changes are for the better.  For me it was certainly a breath of fresh air.

We have decided to bring another mix engineer into the mix for one song.  We enlisted the services of Craig Alvin – a relative newcomer to Nashville with a great ear and fresh perspective – and gave him the task of putting an aggressive mix on the song “One.”  Craig did a great job, pulling together a song that may be the most out-of-the-box tune for those of you that are used to hearing us on Saturday nights and Sunday mornings at Tallowood.

We have also completed mixes on Light of the World, which you may remember from Christmastime at Tallowood, and Restore Me, which is going to be the album closer.  That leaves only two more mixes to do: Shout it Out and Thunder Roll.  Slowly but surely it’s all coming together!



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