Finished Mixing

15 04 2008

We have officially closed the book on the mixing process.  Jess and I took one final listen at the end of last week, sorted through a few details with Scott, and now can finally say we’re done with mixes.  We also had the pleasure of hearing a gorgeous string arrangement that a friend of Scott’s added to Face of God.  It adds quite a bit of depth and breadth to the song.  It seems to occupy a greater sonic space.  We can’t wait for you to hear it!

Next up is mastering on Friday.  The mastering process helps eleven individual songs become one album by matching EQs, compression, and volume levels.  It also smooths the transitions between songs.  A good mastering job takes a project to another level.

After mastering we’ll be waiting on artwork from Benji Peck, a great artist that worked with my band Better Days Ahead in Nashville.  You can check out his work here (where if you dig hard enough you might just find yours truly) and here.

Finally, we have received some requests to post photos from our photo shoot which we will do as soon as we can decide which ones to put up.  Thanks for your continued support.



2 responses

15 04 2008

These are exciting things! I am grateful for your efforts and so eager to hear the fulfillment of your hard work and the Lord’s grace.

16 04 2008
Andrew Brackmann

Dave and Jess,
I can’t wait to hear the new album. Sounds like you’ve put in tons of work and, since you’re both exceptional musicians, I’m excited to hear the finished product. It’s also been fun reading about your progress and tasks along the way. Keep up the good work and keep Him central.

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