The Album Cover

12 05 2008

Album cover

We have finally decided on an album cover!  (And finally gotten around to posting it!)  About 10 days ago our artist, Benji Peck, sent us 9 different cover options.  They were all great, but we were able to narrow it down to 3 favorites pretty quickly.  Then came the hard part: trying to decide which was the best one.  Even after we decided on this look we had to decide which photo was the best.  Is it the one where we’re looking off into space?  The one where Jess is smiling?  Or the one with a more serious expression?  For a couple days we were schizophrenic about the whole thing until we finally settled on this one.  We particularly like the horizon subtly embedded in the picture of us. 

As of last night the rest of the artwork has been completed, and we can’t wait to get our product so that we can unveil the end result.  Benji did a great job putting it all together!  We’re extremely grateful for his help.  Of course, along the way we had to make about a thousand decisions about seemingly insignificant details on which we had completely differing opinions.  We never knew that CD art could be, as my mother would say, a character-building experience.  Fortunately we were able to escape the process with only the odd minor scuffle over logo positioning and bar code placement, and a new appreciation for patience and grace!



5 responses

14 05 2008
clay w.

Bar code placement has ruined many a marriage. I’m glad you two were able to navigate its treacherous waters.

Seriously, though… can’t wait to hear the album (yeah, I said ‘album’.)


16 05 2008
Rebecca Atcherson(Zellmer)

yay! can’t wait to hear it!!!

18 05 2008
Jess Rose

Listened to it!! Great!! I cannot wait to be able to listen and praise God with your music here in Peru. Miss you.


19 05 2008
Mandy Morford

checked out your myspace…I LOOOOOOVE Undone 🙂 That’s all, just had to tell ya!

30 05 2008
Rebecca Atcherson(Zellmer)

have fun tonight! wish I could be there to celebrate! why can’t houston be closer??!

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