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4 06 2008

So it’s been a while since I (Jess) have posted anything on here, so I thought I’d offer up some reflections on Friday’s concert as well.

First of all – THANKS TO MY MOM AND DAD for making the surprise trip down for the concert!  It meant so much for us to have them there in the audience!  It wouldn’t have been the same without them.  I also echo Dave in thanking everyone who had a hand in pulling this whole thing together.  It took a village to make this happen, and how lucky we are to have each and every person that was involved. 

I’m also SO grateful for the guys that played in the band.  It was such privilege to sing alongside these outstanding musicians.  They gave this singer a major boost of confidence! 

I also want to be sure everyone knows how brilliant my husband is.  Not only did he write some killer songs, but his whole vision for the concert just blew me away – from the video that introduced the concert to the Face of God video that I’m still receiving comments on.  God has simply gifted him in a multitude of ways, and it’s so cool for me as his wife to see him using them for God’s glory.  I’m so blessed to share this project with him, and God is fulfilling one of my deepest desires by allowing us to do this together.

Finally – as we’ve released this album my prayer has simply been this: that people would encounter Truth.  Of course we’d love for the choruses to get stuck in your head, or for you to find yourself whistling one of the melodies without even knowing it.  BUT – more than that we want it to impact you on a much more personal level.  Whether it’s challenging you to view your interactions with others differently, encouraging you during times of deepest need, or simply putting a voice to the things you’ve felt before, we hope that these songs are more than just entertainment.  We hope they make you think.

Much love, my friends.  Thanks for listening to our music!



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6 06 2008
Rebecca (zellmer) Atcherson

Jess-i think that is so cool that your parents came and surprised you! if had been this week i totally wanted to and would have done the same thing!!! i hope to make to houston since my, well he is basically my little brother, is at HBU. he loves it there. i am hoping to come see him sometime during his college career!

29 06 2008

Jess and Dave,
I was going to listen to just a snippet of this song, but I instantly had goose bumps and tears after the first few seconds. Thank you for such a beautifully honest and touching song.

Amanda Squibb

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