Now Available at iTunes and!

1 07 2008

We are finally up and running online through and iTunes!  If you’re interested in getting the album and the artwork (you know, one of those “old school” types) you can click here to visit our page.  If you’re just interested in the mp3s for your newfangled gadgets and the latest trendy Apple products you can find it here on iTunes.

One note about they are working with us on consignment, and with every new artist they only start with 10 units in stock.  Once those sell out they will put your name on a notification list for when they receive more inventory from us.  We are close to selling out, but there are still a few available.  It would be great for us to sell out as soon as possible, and even to have a few names on the notification list, so if you’re interested in the album you might head that direction.  Don’t be dismayed if you end up on the notification list: we’ll get them more product as soon as possible.

Enjoy the music!  (And leave us a good review or two on the sites!)



One response

2 12 2008
Don Wieland

We are very interested in singing one of your songs for our Christmas Eve service. Is there an instrumental track of “Light Of The World” available for purchase. Please email me: donw at pointmade dot net.

Thanks 😉

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