10 08 2008

No doubt you’re wondering what in the world SPAMARAMA is – I know I did the first time I saw the name.  It sounds like a celebration of the infamous “meat-like” product.  But it actually stands for Students Proclaim A Message About Repentance And Mercy Available, and for over a decade hundreds of students have been gathering at Bethel Baptist Church in North Houston each summer for this weeklong evening revival.  This year it was our privilege to lead them in worship.

Each service was an eclectic mix of music, drama, and video elements capped with a message that invariably spoke directly and honestly to the life situations that these students find themselves in.  It was sobering to see how many people came forward when one speaker asked any student that had a broken family situation to come forward for prayer.  We were impressed with the way the leaders spoke truth into the lives of these students without fear.  They addressed issues with refreshing frankness, from the lyrics of music on the radio today to the perils of the gang lifestyle, all the while speaking in love and offering the kids the promise of redemption in Christ.

With our friends Blaine Fallis (bass), Dave Donahoo (guitar) and John Stanley (drums) backing us up we led about 30 minutes of worship each evening and then gave a concert on Friday night after the service.  It was exciting to see the kids respond well to the music and we even got a chance to give some encouragement to an aspiring worship band formed by a few of the students.  We’re looking forward to more of these opportunities in the future.  Thanks again to everyone who was a part of putting on this great event!



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