30 09 2008

Haven’t seen the e-card yet?  Click the image below to find out more!




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30 09 2008
Danyel Humphrey

Dave and Jessica,
Thank you for sending me the e-card with your music.
David and I went to your concert and so I had already heard the songs yet today God used “Glorious” to really pierce my heart. I had “one of those days” yesterday and I truly desire to be used by our Father. Thank you for using your gifts to bring Him glory.
It was great to hang out a little Friday night. I appreciate your humility and your love for Jesus!
Praying for God’s will to be done with this powerful music.

30 09 2008

Hey! Cool beans!
…I was lookin’ at the photos and…that bass player doesn’t look like Joey Canaday. Who is the bass player in the live photo? Just curious.

Peace Yawl!!


1 10 2008
Dave and Jess


The bass player for the concert was a guy named James Gregory, another friend of Scott’s. He was a bass stud!


23 03 2009

Hey Guys,
Dave I met you this past Sunday and have been coming off and on to worship to mostly hear you guys. I did get your CD this past Sunday and I think you have a great CD. Do you have any of your music on KSBJ or have you tried to get them to play it? If so that is great, if not, I have a friend and would like to see what I can do to get you on there if you wanted to be publshed that is. Anyway, always great listening to you guys and if you have a upbeat CD I can get to use for when I work that would be awesome. I love all the music on the CD but the upbeat ones are moving and would also keep me going as I work. I left my facebook address so you can see the family, we have triplet 4 year olds. Take care and thanks for your great music.

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