We’re back!

16 11 2008

dave-and-jess-sudan3Hi friends!  We made it back yesterday from our two week trip to Africa!  We woke up this past Thursday in Sudan, Friday in Uganda, and yesterday morning in Amsterdam, so I’m not sure we know when we’re supposed to eat and sleep anymore, but we’re both doing well and are happy to be home!

I’m not sure I (Jess) know how to even begin telling you about what we experienced.  It’s definitely going to take a while to process this trip, as it was unlike anything we have ever experienced before.  There are a few things I know I can say right away:

– We serve a HUGE God who is the Lover and Creator of all peoples. 

– I entirely underestimate the power and sovereignty of God, and my picture of Him is going to have to get much bigger now that I’ve seen what I’ve seen and experienced what I’ve experienced.

– The power of prayer is real – God hears our prayers and is attentive to our cries!  This is something I’ve known and believed, but again, I think I underestimated.  I can’t wait to share with you a story of how God chose to answer a very special prayer for one of the women of Kulu.

– We can be a part of God’s work in radically changing a life, a village, and a country.

– God deeply loves and cares for the people of Sudan, as He does all His creation, and has placed within us a deep love and burden for the Sudanese.

– My job with Aid Sudan has taken on a completely different light.  After working for them for over a year and hearing stories of the people of Sudan, I’m privileged to say that they now have faces – they have names – and are dear, sweet friends.

Much more soon – we have tons of pictures and videos, and can’t wait to share them with you.  Thanks for following along in the jouney and praying for us.  Much love.



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16 11 2008

So glad you guys are back and that it was great. Can’t wait to hear and see all about it!

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