Thanks to 90.9 The Vine!

4 03 2009

Sometimes good things come unexpectedly, as was the case yesterday.  There is a new Christian radio station, WVYN 90.9 The Vine going up in the area of Jess’ hometown, Mt. Vernon, Illinois.  They began broadcasting online yesterday, March 3, and are well on their way to going out over the airwaves across southern Illinois.  Some of the guys at the radio station are acquainted with Jess’ family, heard our CD, and want to put one of the tunes on the air, so sometime soon you should be able to hear “Be Glorious” on WVYN.  So if you’re in southern Illinois, give them a call at 618-315-0178 and tell them you want to hear “Be Glorious” by Dave and Jess Ray.  If you’re not in southern Illinois, well, tough cookies.  Maybe someday you’ll get to hear Dave and Jess on the radio, too.  Until then you’ll just have to listen to the CD.



One response

10 03 2009

You can be sure I’ll be listening for your songs!

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