Grateful for This Weekend

15 03 2009

This morning and last night Jess and I had the privilege of serving as we always do at Tallowood, leading worship for people we love.  We also had the added privilege of singing a song with Kristin and Allen Hightower, our Minister of Music and his wife.  Kristin took the lead vocal on Watermark’s “A Grateful People,” and Allen joined the band on piano to back her up.  Jess and I got to sing the background vocals, which ended with a fun moment of three-part harmony.  

While thinking about gratitude this week it occurred to me how much I have to be grateful for.  Of course, I could go through the many ways in which my life has been blessed, but I was specifically grateful this week for Kristin and Allen, a Minister of Music who so ably leads our choir and traditional services, and yet will also join the band, play off a leadsheet, and help us lead worship in the contemporary services.  I am so thankful that I have a boss that is willing and able to collaborate with me in that way.  Thanks for joining us this week, Kristin and Allen!



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