15 04 2009

What a fantastic Easter weekend we had!  Each of the songs we selected were significant to me in some way or another, especially the song “Finally Free” by Nichole Nordeman, and a new Chris Tomlin tune “I Will Rise.”  “Finally Free” speaks so strongly about the impossibility of anything keeping us from the love of Christ, and culminates with the familiar phrase, “If the Son has set us free/Then we are free/Free indeed.”  The chorus concludes, “Everything has changed/I’m finally free.”  I was struck this week by the way that connects to Easter on so many levels, since Easter is the culmination of God’s redemptive plan for this world.  All of us, indeed all Creation can sing those lyrics with truth on Easter Sunday.  

And Easter is just a prelude to the final redemption that will come with a new heaven and a new earth at the end of time.  Our pastor drew attention to that idea this week, which led me to Chris Tomlin’s “I Will Rise,” a song that speaks of the victory Christ has won over death and the grave.  The chorus begins with the simple, yet intensely personal phrase, “I will rise when You call my name.”  It proved to be a difficult line for both Jess and me to sing without breaking down!  I think for me it was the intimacy of the idea of God calling my name.  As our pastor said this weekend, “I’ve never needed Easter more than I need it this year.”  I identified so strongly with that need, a need to know that even in difficult times our God is a God who resurrects the dead things in our lives, a God of redemption, a God of hope.  It was good for me to remember that this week.



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