Kid Solos

15 04 2009

The final recording element for the Doorpost Songs has been completed!  On Thursday, April 9 I recorded three children singing solos for three different songs on the record.  Kayla Smith sang the introduction of a song called “Crucified with Christ,” Reyna Prameswari sang a chorus of “Seek Me,” and Ben Brown sang a verse of “Whatever You Do.”  They all did a fantastic job!

I continue to receive mixes from Scott as he has time to get things finalized.  Once I get a mix Jess and I will listen in several different mediums to get a feel for how the mix will sound in the types of places people will be hearing it: in the car, on the computer, through headphones.  Then if we have any tweaks to the fix we’ll fire off an e-mail to Scott and discuss them.  So far we’ve gone through five mixes, with five left to go.

We’re also working with Benji Peck, the artist that did the artwork for the Dave and Jess Ray record.  He is a great designer (check out some of his work here and here) and has agreed to work on this project as well.  We can’t wait to see what he comes up with!




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