Final Mix

29 04 2009

It is finished!  Well…sort of.  We have signed off on the final mixes for the new Doorpost Songs project, which will be called The Doorpost Songs: Next Generation.  It’s a bittersweet sort of feeling, coming to the end of a project like this.  It’s wonderful to see everything coming together and to hear the culmination of the creativity of the last few months.  But in other ways we miss the process of creating, which is just as fun and fulfilling.  But I suppose the tension between the two is what keeps us moving forward, the creating drives us to the finish, and the finish reminds us how much we enjoy the creating.

We have also received cover comps from our artist, Benji Peck, the same artist who did the artwork for the Dave & Jess album.  He’s got some great ideas that we’re working through now.  We’re looking forward to unveiling the final cover sometime soon.  It’s hard to believe, but release date is only six weeks away!  We can’t wait!



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