Demos, demos, and more demos…

27 07 2009

Creativity is an amazing thing.  All of us are creative in some way or another.  It’s more than just music or art, it’s problem solving, it’s daydreaming, it’s decorating, it’s writing what you imagine and imagining what you read.  But creativity is also a sensitive and fickle sort of thing and it has an arch enemy: busy-ness.  Jess and I have seemingly spent the last six months in a constant state of busy-ness, and it has crowded creative thoughts out of my mind.  The dreaming, the vision, the new ideas have been replaced by the tasks and the details.  But recently our lives have simplified considerably, and creativity has done the most amazing thing: it came back.

Now I hear music everywhere I go and think toward the future with dreams and projects and plans.  I can’t seem to finish writing a song because new ones keep popping up.  I spend time in my home/office studio with headphones on, a keyboard in front of me, and a guitar on my lap recording demos.  It’s a wonderful thing.  I don’t know where all this creativity will go.  We’ve got a couple ideas.  But right now I’m letting it wander unhindered by direction.  I’m letting the Spirit move however it wants.  And creativity is returning like a flower in spring.  And it’s beautiful!



2 responses

27 07 2009
Teresa L

Can’t wait to hear all the results of this creativity!

14 08 2009

Hey!! I didn’t know you had a blog! Liking the “common tone” idea! Is there a way to know when you’ve posted?

By the way … Bill can kick your tail at Redstone any ole day. I’m just sayin.

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