Song Story: Victorious

3 11 2009

Two weeks ago we played a new song at Tallowood called “Victorious.”  It’s a song of corporate worship that praises God for His triumph over sin and death, and looks forward to the day when He will right every pain and injustice.  To those who have experienced pain and hardship in their lives this hope of victory is deeply personal and meaningful.  It was driven home to me during a prayer time with some friends that were experiencing a difficult trial.  As we prayed I was overwhelmed by a peaceful confidence and one simple word: Victorious.  Our God will be victorious.  And not only will He be victorious in the future, but He has already been victorious in the past through the cross and continues even now to be victorious in our lives over darkness and destruction.  This is the precious hope that each of us clings to in a world filled with tragedy and injustice.

After our prayer time the words to the song came quickly and easily.  The verses describe the continuing nature of our victorious God: past, present, and future.  And then the chorus gets to the heart of the issue: our God is victorious for the sake of His matchless name and the glory of His kingdom.  Strangely, the fact that it’s not all about us is reassuring.  If it were for my sake alone that God was victorious, would He be swayed by my disobedience and faithlessness?  But instead it’s not about me, and it’s not dependent on me.  It’s all about God, and that is a reassuring thought.  For the sake of His name, our God was, is, and ever will be victorious!


Verse 1:
There is one thing that I know
There is one hope that I trust
Though the weight of sin brings death to men
Our God has been victorious
For His power raised the dead
And He breathes new life in us
And no grave can chain nor death contain
Our God remains victorious

For the sake of His great holiness
By the power of His great love
And to make His kingdom glorious
Our God will be victorious

Verse 2:
For this world is filled with pain
But our God is true and just
And his enemies will bend their knees
Our God will be victorious

Highest King, Risen Lord
You will reign forevermore
God of love, we adore
Every knee will bow before
And I will bow in worship



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