Song Story: Heart Cry Holy

1 12 2009

Two weeks ago in our worship services we debuted a new song called “Heart Cry Holy.” I thought I’d take a moment to tell you a little about the inspiration behind the song. The text is rooted in Psalm 103 where David exhorts his heart, his “inmost being,” to praise the holy name of the Lord, and then begins listing all the “benefits,” that is, the reasons for his heart to cry out in praise. As we studied the passage with Pastor Brooks in our services over the course of several weeks I was reminded that our gratitude to God is rooted in two simple things: who He is, and what He has done. And what He has done, namely redeeming our lives from “the pit,” was made necessary by who we are: sinners in need of mercy.

Realizing these things should immediately fill us with gratitude!  It should make our hearts cry out in praise of God for saving us even when we were sinners, all because of His steadfast and compassionate love.  And it should make us run to Him!  It should make us eager to draw close to Him, knowing that He desires to give us good things.  Yet so often we choose our own way, saying in essence, “I know what is good for me better than God does.”  How wrong we are!  This song is a reminder of the story of our “uncovering” by the Finder of Souls, and an exhortation to leave everything behind for the sake of Christ, the giver of life, the one who makes our hearts cry holy.

Heart Cry Holy
David Ray

Verse 1:
Oh You, Finder of souls
You have uncovered me
Opened my heart, traced all my scars
Straight to the core of me
Oh and I, I’ve had enough
Of secrets and sympathy
So I’m leaving, leaving it behind

All for You, Giver of life
The One who makes my heart cry holy
Lover of the lost
The One who gives the sinner mercy
You keep renewing my life
And I keep remember why
You make my heart cry holy

Verse 2:
Oh I, I can be weak
Faithless and faltering
I can be swayed, tempted away
To chase after lesser things
Oh but You, steadfast and true
Patiently loving me
So I’m leaving, leaving it behind

And if I were left to myself
I would settle for less, settle for less
But You beckon my heart
And I cannot resist, I cannot resist
I’m leaving it all behind
I’m leaving it all behind
I’m leaving it all behind
I’m leaving it all, leaving it all for You



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