When I See You

3 03 2010

Two weeks ago, as we prepared for our revival, Jess and I introduced a song called “When I See You.”  The song echoed the themes of Tim Keller’s The Prodigal God, which we read as a church body in the preceding weeks.  Keller uses the story of the Prodigal Son, or as he renames it, the Two Lost Sons, to illustrate two forms of lostness that afflict humanity.  The first kind of lostness, that of the younger son, is immoral, rebellious, and wayward.  The second, more subtle form of lostness, is displayed by the older son, who has followed the rules to the letter yet becomes bitter and  angry, failing to grasp the love of the father.

Truth be told, most of us find ourselves in the shoes of both sons at some point in our lives.  Whether we openly rebel against God or follow His rules simply because of what we hope to gain from him, both forms of lostness fail to understand the true nature of the Father.  Our greatest need is to see the Father for who He truly is, to receive His freely offered, unmerited grace, and to display the Father’s love to all we encounter, “younger brother” and “elder brother” alike.  But first we simply need to see Him, not the image we have constructed in our minds, but who He truly is.

When I See You
David Ray

Verse 1:
I have not forgotten who I used to be
Taking the inheritance You gave to me
And trading it away for trinkets of the day
The keepsakes of a wandering way
Enslaved to all the things I thought would set me free
When momentary pleasure turned to misery
Afraid to lift my head, ashamed to show my face
And fall upon the Father’s grace

But when I see you it feels like
My heart has seen you for the first time clearly
And your eyes see inside my deepest secret scars

Verse 2:
Still I’m not exactly who I want to be
Calling on your name just when it’s good for me
Dotting every “i,” drawing every line
Yet still I feel so frail and blind
Living like you love me for the good I’ve done
Coveting your favor like it could be won
And carrying the weight of each of my mistakes
O Father still I need Your grace

‘Cause when I see you it feels like
My heart has seen you for the first time clearly
And your eyes see inside my deepest secret scars

My heart was made for You to love
For grace I’m not deserving of
My heart was made to love you, Lord

Chorus 2:
And when I see you it feels like
My heart is open for the first time, freely
And your love flows out of these tender, healing scars
My heart was made to love you, Lord



4 responses

24 03 2010
Laura Chambers

Hey Dave. I downloaded your album from Noisetrade a while ago and I really love it. When are you going to make a new one? (with the new songs)

5 04 2010
Dave and Jess

Hi Laura. Right now our focus is on our first child, who will be arriving sometime in the vicinity of May 16. We hope we’ll get a chance to record a new album sometime toward the end of the year. Thanks for asking!

6 04 2010
Laura Chambers

Congratulations! That’s awesome! 🙂 God bless you!

28 09 2010
When I See You « Good Worship Music

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