Christ Arose

5 04 2010

Have you ever wondered what are the two best words in the English language?  Right now sports fans might say “March Madness,”  children might think of “Christmas presents,” and moms everywhere long for “afternoon naps.”  But this Easter season I’m reminded that for believers those two best words are simply “Christ arose.”  I was thinking about that two years ago as we prepared for Easter and decided to write a song about it.  This year we thought it would be fun to arrange that song for choir, orchestra, and rhythm section and have virtually every musician in the Tallowood Music Ministry onstage as we celebrated the resurrection of our Savior.  I hope these words remind you that this is a truly a time for celebration.  And if this Easter season finds you in a place where celebration seems like the last thing you want to do, remember that no victory was ever so complete as the victory Christ won over sin and death on that first Easter Sunday morning.  What a joy to know that Christ arose!

Christ Arose
David Ray

Verse 1:
Behold the man bent and bruised beneath the cross
The wicked stripes the bitter price of perfect love
Behold him cry, It is finished, to the growing night
Behold the light of men as His eyes grow dim

Channel 1:
Behold the grave where they laid him
Where death was so certain
The stone has been rolled away

Christ arose, Christ arose
No sweeter words could any hand of man compose
Christ arose, Christ arose
And in His hands He bore the scars that cleansed my soul
To bring the dead to life Christ arose

Verse 2:
Behold the man bent and burdened by his sin
He bears the weight never meant for human arms

Channel 2:
Behold the face of your Savior
For death has no power
The stone has been rolled away

No victory was ever so complete
No enemy so vanquished in defeat
For just when all was lost or so it seemed
When hope was gone for wayward ones like me
Christ arose



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