Free Music for Father’s Day

19 06 2010

Here’s a Father’s Day gift that everyone will enjoy: free music!  With the help of some friends in Nashville and Houston I recently recorded a song that I wrote for Jess celebrating the birth of our son Evan.  Yesterday we celebrated our fifth anniversary, and the song was my gift to her.  (She approved!)

After Evan was born, a friend told me, “The best thing you can do for your son is to love his mother.”  What a profound thought!  I’ve heard people say that when your child is born it’s like your heart grows.  Now I know that it’s true.  Somehow loving your child makes you love your spouse more, and loving your spouse makes you love your child more.  That’s the beautiful thing about love: it’s self-replicating!

So on this Father’s Day weekend this is our gift for you.  Follow the link below to listen or download “Second Best Day.”  And just for good measure, the lyrics are printed as well.  Hope you enjoy!

Download “Second Best Day.”

Second Best Day
David Ray

Verse 1:
It was early in the month of May
When I had my second favorite day
You were gazing at his newborn eyes
And he was sleeping by his mother’s side
And oh, I felt it in the core of me
Something calling out for more of me
I see what love’s supposed to be
And that just might be my favorite thing

‘Cause my heart is yours
But I feel it growing for two somehow
And I love you more
Because of the life that you’re holding now
And my favorite day
Was the day that I made you my wife
But this is the second best day of my life

Verse 2:
I love the way he looks at you
Like he’ll never get a better view
And the way his tiny-fisted hands
Wrap around your fingers on command
And oh, I love the man you’ve made of me
Love the way that God created me
To a husband and a father be
And that just might be my favorite thing

And I’ve been thinking
That if love’s the measure of a person’s way
Then call me crazy
But I must be twice the man that I was yesterday



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