A Great Day!

3 11 2010

Yesterday was a great day!  We spent a long day in Watershed Studios, not even a mile from where we used to live in Nashville, working on tracks for the new project, Music for the Radio.  We were joined by some friends who have worked with us on previous projects.  Scott Williamson was producing and drumming, roles he also filled on the Dave & Jess Ray and Doorpost Songs albums.  Jason Webb was on piano, keys, and B3, and Greg Hagan played guitar, and both of them played on those previous albums as well.  James Gregory, who contributed to the last Doorpost Songs record, filled out the band on bass.

Evan came along and got to meet the gang.  He even received a drum master class from Scott:

We recorded five of the six tunes that will be going on the project, with the sixth being a piano/string number that I’ll record on the piano at the church.  One of the tunes, Better, is even going to make it into our set list for the upcoming concert at Tallowood on November 6!

All in all it was a great day.  We are so grateful to be working with such creative people, and we’re looking forward to putting it all together and letting you hear the finished product!



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