By the Numbers

1 03 2011

Music for the Radio is all about bringing the Gospel to southern Sudan through Aid Sudan’s Radio Station Project.  Whenever you make a purchase – for instance, the new single, “Better” on iTunes – everything that we receive goes toward purchasing hand-held radios that allow the people of southern Sudan to hear the Gospel in their own tribal languages.  So what does it take to purchase a radio?  Here’s a breakdown by the numbers:

$20: The amount it costs to manufacture and distribute one hand-held radio.

10-15: The average number of people reached by one radio.  (We even have reports of half a village listening to a single radio!)

$0.63: The amount (out of $0.99) that we receive whenever you download the new single, “Better.”  (iTunes takes a cut, and then our distributor takes a cut.)

32: The number of downloads it takes to purchase one hand-held radio.

Just listing those numbers makes me smile.  It’s a “loaves and fishes” situation, where God takes the little gifts we bring and transforms them into something much bigger.  Imagine if instead of just buying a song on iTunes you were helping someone follow Christ.  Or helping a whole family follow Christ.  Or a whole village.  That’s what Music for the Radio is all about!



2 responses

2 03 2011
Leigh Ann

Is it okay to share this on my fb?

2 03 2011
Dave and Jess

Absolutely! Please do!

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