To Nashville and Back!

11 04 2011

Well, it’s been a busy couple of days for us!  We left Thursday morning, April 7 to travel to Nashville for whirlwind publicity trip.  With our son safely ensconced with his grandparents we hopped on a Southwest flight, rented a car and drove straight to our first interview with  Then it was on to Fido’s downtown for an interview with All Access, a radio trade publication.

After an evening with friends we woke early for a breakfast with Jeff Goins from  Jeff happened to be a big fan of BDA, my old band, and had actually worked with our drummer, Jake, for a time.  He asked some really probing questions that helped us share the heart behind this project.  Afterwards we joined up with an old friend, Clint, to play a couple songs for, where we got the most unexpected question of the day, a question about believers whose spouses don’t follow Christ.

Next we met Caroline from CCM Digital Magazine and swapped stories about our infant sons.  At one point she asked us how we were providing for our family if we were giving all of the proceeds to the project to Aid Sudan’s Hand-held Radios.  I replied, “We steal things.”  Hopefully that doesn’t make the final cut!

We quickly downed some Subway and headed back into town to meet with Mike Harland from Lifeway Worship.  As it happens, he’ll be at Tallowood in two months speaking at the Baptist Church Music Conference.  Finally it was back out to Salem Communications where we met with Vance Dillard, program director for The Fish Radio Network.

And after all that we found ourselves with a few extra hours before our evening flight, so we grabbed a snack and caught The Source Code.  It was a fun ending to a crazy trip!  The most exciting thing was that we had a number of opportunities to share the story behind the project.  We’re grateful for every chance we get to point people to the bigger picture, reaching the people of southern Sudan with the Gospel.



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