In music, a “common tone” is a note that remains the same between different chords. The common tone provides a familiarity between the chords and strengthens their relationship to each other. These chords don’t usually look alike, and can sometimes evoke different feelings and emotions to their listeners. But – there is something that makes them unmistakedly connected – a tone that remains strong and rings true.

That’s kind of how we see things.

Everyone certainly tends to think of themselves as different from others.  And honestly we kind of like it that way.  We relish getting the results of personality sorters, we’re curious to learn our spiritual gifts and are eager to share what makes us unique with others.

We can also view this in our journey as Christians:  God intimately calls each of us to specific purposes that are distinctly ours.  We undoubtedly have different approaches to ministry and varying skills to carry out God’s purposes.  Our lives shape and affect the world around us in such beautiful and exceptional ways.

But there is a common tone that connects us:  the life-changing power of an undeserved redemption.  It’s that familiarity between us – that glimmer we see in the eyes of those who have been awestruck by an unfaltering and infinite love.  We must live forever changed.

That’s our common tone.  That’s what connects us.

Dave and I welcome you to join in our journey of fulfilling one of the calls God has placed on our lives.  Our desire is that this music would enrich your personal journey with God; that it would act as the finger that points you back to that which has made you so uniquely your own, and yet so remarkably familiar to us.

We hope that between each melody and turn of phrase you can clearly hear it.



One response

9 01 2008

This description of the origin and intentions of the record makes me all the more eager to enjoy the finished product. To paraphrase Paul, I’m grateful that you not only share your songs with us, but your lives as well. It’d be tough to pick which I love more if I didn’t love you guys so much!

My prayer for you guys over the coming months will be that your voices and hearts will be oft-tuned to the inner-oboe the Spirit places within you.

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