Release Concert Pics

28 06 2008

At long last, here are a few of our favorite photos from the release concert, courtesy of Clay Wisner.  (Thank you, Clay!)

Opening Shot

Our logo on the screen before the show.  Don’t think for a moment we weren’t crazy nervous backstage!

Stage Shot

Great work by Vincent Young, Kyle Smith, Miguel Ortiz, and Gary Revis to get the stage looking incredible!


A new friend: bass player, James Gregory.


An old friend: guitar player, Clint Milburn.


And appearing on second guitar: Dave Donahoo.

Dave Ray

I even pulled out the electric guitar for a couple tunes.

As usual, Jess delivered a great vocal performance.


I moved to the keyboard for songs like Undone and Face of God.

Going for it

Going for it on One in a Million.

The final note

Love this shot – the moment right before the final note of the concert.  Thanks, Clay for some great pics!


Best of the Photo Shoot

17 04 2008

Photo Shoot

31 03 2008

It’s been a while since we posted, but the process continues to move along well.  We are in the midst of receiving mixes, and have set a mastering date of April 18.  We have also set a release date which will be highlighted by a concert at Tallowood.  We’ll tell you more about that later, but for now just mark Friday, May 30 on your calendar.

Actually the biggest event of the last couple weeks was the photo shoot for the album artwork, which we completed on Friday, March 28.  A friend referred us to Ryan Booth, a great photographer that spent some time in Nashville, but now resides in Houston.  We booked him and he set to work scouting locations while we went shopping for clothes!  (Jess was very excited about this wonderful excuse to get new outfits!)

Of course, this process is a bit harder than it initially appears.  What will look good on camera?  Should we match?  Should we not match?  Should we look casual or formal or dressy-casual?  These are difficult questions!  By the time we reached the day of the shoot we had each finally settled on about 5 outfits, a combination of new and old.

The keyword in any photo shoot is quantity.  Often the best photos happen in candid moments and you never know what pose or positioning or lighting is going to look best on film, so you just take a bunch of photos.  All told we took almost 1200 photos.  And each frame needs to be slightly different, so after every shutter click you change something: look over there, look at the camera, look the opposite way, hand in the pocket, hand at the side, holding hands, walking, standing, up-angle, down-angle, and on and on.  This can be quite the awkward process for people as unused to it as we are.  I’m fairly sure that about 90% of the photos involve my hand in one of my pockets.

And of course the environment often contributes significantly to a great photo, so after we spent some time in the studio we headed out to some locations around Houston that Ryan had scouted out.  There were back alleys, an old ivy-covered school, and several places that were just cool looking walls.  I must admit that it was a bit weird to be posing for photos on a sidewalk as dozens of drivers craned their necks to see what was going on.

However, our favorite location by far was a field down by one of the bayous near an old train trestle.  We parked a block or so away and then walked across a bridge and down into the field, full of waist-high grass, bluebonnets and other not-so-pleasant things like beer cans, gnats, and bees.  Once we got into the field it was another trek out to the railroad bridge where we got all sorts of cool angles for photos.  Of course, it was not the easiest place for Jess to be in high heels.  In fact, in one photo we are standing on a concrete ledge about six inches wide with a cess pool (out of sight) behind us and the steep slope into the bayou in front of us.  In all of these photos Jess is holding my hand, not because she thought it would look nice, but because she was terrified of losing her balance and toppling into the algae-infested cess pool.

Needless to say it was all quite an experience, but it was a little adventure and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.  Now let’s just pray that somewhere in those 1200 photos is a good one!

Nashville Studio Pics

5 02 2008