Share the music of Dave and Jess Ray on NoiseTrade!

6 07 2009

We are happy to announce an easy new way to download and share the latest music from Dave and Jess Ray!  Using NoiseTrade you can either tell five friends about the album and get a free download, or pay whatever you think is appropriate for the music.  If you click “Tell 5 Friends” you’ll be asked to fill in five e-mail addresses of friends who would like to hear about the music and you’ll get a code for a free download. (And they will get an e-mail inviting them to do the same.) Or you can simply click “Pay What You Want” and pay anywhere from $1 to $25.  So check it out by using the widgets below and help us spread the love!


Thanks to 90.9 The Vine!

4 03 2009

Sometimes good things come unexpectedly, as was the case yesterday.  There is a new Christian radio station, WVYN 90.9 The Vine going up in the area of Jess’ hometown, Mt. Vernon, Illinois.  They began broadcasting online yesterday, March 3, and are well on their way to going out over the airwaves across southern Illinois.  Some of the guys at the radio station are acquainted with Jess’ family, heard our CD, and want to put one of the tunes on the air, so sometime soon you should be able to hear “Be Glorious” on WVYN.  So if you’re in southern Illinois, give them a call at 618-315-0178 and tell them you want to hear “Be Glorious” by Dave and Jess Ray.  If you’re not in southern Illinois, well, tough cookies.  Maybe someday you’ll get to hear Dave and Jess on the radio, too.  Until then you’ll just have to listen to the CD.

“Light of the World” to be featured in Song Discovery!

30 10 2008

We’re excited to share with you that “Light of the World” off the new album will be featured in the November/December issue of Song Discovery, a compilation CD of new music that accompanies each issue of Worship Leader magazine.  The magazine has 40,000 subscribers, and past issues of Song Discovery have included artists like Chris Tomlin, Michael W. Smith, Third Day, David Crowder Band, Paul Baloche, Big Daddy Weave, Fee, and many others.  Now, I’m guessing most of you aren’t regular subscribers to Worship Leader magazine, but if you want a taste check out  (**As of this post, the new Song Discovery issue had not yet been put on the website.**)  As for us, we’re very excited at the thought that somewhere in America this Christmas someone that has never met us before might be singing Light of the World!


30 09 2008

Haven’t seen the e-card yet?  Click the image below to find out more!


Help Us Get the Word Out

30 09 2008

Hey everybody!  Today we are sending out an e-card to let people know about the album and give them a chance to find out a little about us.  It has a short bio, some photos, the video for “Face of God,” and an audio player that lets people listen to clips from the album.  It also has a section called “Send to Friends” that allows you to forward it to some of your friends that you think might enjoy the music.  This could be a great way to get the word out on a grassroots level, but we need your help.  When you receive the e-card think about a couple friends that might like to take a listen and forward the e-card to them.  If for some reason you don’t receive the e-card e-mail just click here to link to it.  Thanks for your help!

Now Available at iTunes and!

1 07 2008

We are finally up and running online through and iTunes!  If you’re interested in getting the album and the artwork (you know, one of those “old school” types) you can click here to visit our page.  If you’re just interested in the mp3s for your newfangled gadgets and the latest trendy Apple products you can find it here on iTunes.

One note about they are working with us on consignment, and with every new artist they only start with 10 units in stock.  Once those sell out they will put your name on a notification list for when they receive more inventory from us.  We are close to selling out, but there are still a few available.  It would be great for us to sell out as soon as possible, and even to have a few names on the notification list, so if you’re interested in the album you might head that direction.  Don’t be dismayed if you end up on the notification list: we’ll get them more product as soon as possible.

Enjoy the music!  (And leave us a good review or two on the sites!)

Release Concert Pics

28 06 2008

At long last, here are a few of our favorite photos from the release concert, courtesy of Clay Wisner.  (Thank you, Clay!)

Opening Shot

Our logo on the screen before the show.  Don’t think for a moment we weren’t crazy nervous backstage!

Stage Shot

Great work by Vincent Young, Kyle Smith, Miguel Ortiz, and Gary Revis to get the stage looking incredible!


A new friend: bass player, James Gregory.


An old friend: guitar player, Clint Milburn.


And appearing on second guitar: Dave Donahoo.

Dave Ray

I even pulled out the electric guitar for a couple tunes.

As usual, Jess delivered a great vocal performance.


I moved to the keyboard for songs like Undone and Face of God.

Going for it

Going for it on One in a Million.

The final note

Love this shot – the moment right before the final note of the concert.  Thanks, Clay for some great pics!