Music for the Radio in the Baptist Standard

2 05 2011

Here’s some exciting news for a couple worship leaders at a Baptist church: this month’s Baptist Standard featured a nice article about the new project.  We’re grateful to Leann Callaway for a good interview and a great article.  You can check it out here.

In other news the CD release concert approaches and we’re excited about sharing all the new music with you.  Aid Sudan is running some really cool promotions through their Facebook page.  Here’s how you can give yourself a chance to win some cool prizes:

  1. “Like” the Aid Sudan Facebook page so that you can do the following two things.
  2. Go to photos and tag yourself in the Bebo Norman concert photo for a chance to win an autographed Bebo Norman CD.
  3. Go the Bebo Norman concert event and leave a comment for a chance to win a meet and greet with Bebo prior to the concert.
It’s that easy!  Good luck, and we hope to see you all at the concert!

Dave & Jess in All Access

19 04 2011

One of the cool things we got to do in Nashville was connect with old and new friends. Jackie Chapman interviewed us for All Access, an online radio trade publication. As it turns out, both of us had known Jackie in different capacities during our time in Nashville. It was a fun time to reconnect and learn about some cool things going on with her and her family. You can check out the interview here:

And go to to find out more about Jackie’s work.

The Story Behind Music for the Radio

6 04 2011

CD Release Concert with Bebo Norman

29 03 2011

We’re excited to announce that our Music for the Radio CD Release Concert is just around the corner and that we’ll have a special guest headlining the show!  Bebo Norman, an incredible singer/songwriter, will be headlining the concert on Sunday, May 15 at Tallowood Baptist Church.  Doors open at 5:00 PM and the concert starts at 6:00 PM, and best of all – it’s free!  We hope to see you there!  Every penny we receive from sales of Music for the Radio benefits Aid Sudan’s Radio Station Project, which allows the people of southern Sudan to hear the Gospel in their own tribal languages.


By the Numbers

1 03 2011

Music for the Radio is all about bringing the Gospel to southern Sudan through Aid Sudan’s Radio Station Project.  Whenever you make a purchase – for instance, the new single, “Better” on iTunes – everything that we receive goes toward purchasing hand-held radios that allow the people of southern Sudan to hear the Gospel in their own tribal languages.  So what does it take to purchase a radio?  Here’s a breakdown by the numbers:

$20: The amount it costs to manufacture and distribute one hand-held radio.

10-15: The average number of people reached by one radio.  (We even have reports of half a village listening to a single radio!)

$0.63: The amount (out of $0.99) that we receive whenever you download the new single, “Better.”  (iTunes takes a cut, and then our distributor takes a cut.)

32: The number of downloads it takes to purchase one hand-held radio.

Just listing those numbers makes me smile.  It’s a “loaves and fishes” situation, where God takes the little gifts we bring and transforms them into something much bigger.  Imagine if instead of just buying a song on iTunes you were helping someone follow Christ.  Or helping a whole family follow Christ.  Or a whole village.  That’s what Music for the Radio is all about!

Something New

2 11 2010

This morning finds us in Nashville, Tennessee, getting ready for something new!  We’re about to head into the studio to record a new project, one that has been a long time in the making.  It’s called Music for the Radio, and it all started two years ago, almost to the day.

On November 1, 2008 we left to spend two weeks in southern Sudan with the non-profit organization that Jess works for, Aid Sudan.  It was an incredible trip, and one that left an indelible mark on our lives.  Most of all, we came away with a great love for the southern Sudanese people and a prayer that God would move powerfully in that country.

One of the incredible projects that Aid Sudan is using to impact the spiritual and physical needs of the southern Sudanese is the Radio Station Project.  Two radio towers are already up in Sudan – some of the first mass communication to reach this remote area of the world – and fourteen others are projected.  These satellite repeater stations will broadcast Bible stories, health and hygiene information, local news, and community development teaching all in the local tribal languages.  This oral transmission of information is crucial because the large majority of Sudanese are not literate.

The key to this project is a specially-designed handheld radio.  It’s solar-powered because there is no electricity, and it’s fix-tuned to the Aid Sudan signal.  Because the Sudanese live in family groups, one radio can reach 10-15 people, and sometimes more.  But there are over a million people in the broadcast area of the existing towers, and millions more in the projected broadcast area of the remaining towers.  That means we need thousands upon thousands of radios!

The good news is that these radios only cost $20 to manufacture and distribute, and there are already thousands in southern Sudan.  But we need more, and that’s where our new project comes in.  Music for the Radio is a 6-song EP that will be released in Spring of 2011.  All of the receipts – not just the profits, but everything we receive – will go to purchase these radios.  It’s a project we’ve been praying about for almost two years, and now God has finally opened the door for us to take the first step down this road.  We’re praying that God will do amazing things through this project, and that thousands of people will be impacted as a result.

And it’s not just about the Sudanese people.  Music for the Radio is a reminder to us that God is singing a song through each of our lives, and He never meant for us to keep it to ourselves.  He is calling us to sing it out, to broadcast it to a world that needs to hear it.  The song of God is music for the radio!  Don’t keep it to yourself.  Sing it out!

Share the music of Dave and Jess Ray on NoiseTrade!

6 07 2009

We are happy to announce an easy new way to download and share the latest music from Dave and Jess Ray!  Using NoiseTrade you can either tell five friends about the album and get a free download, or pay whatever you think is appropriate for the music.  If you click “Tell 5 Friends” you’ll be asked to fill in five e-mail addresses of friends who would like to hear about the music and you’ll get a code for a free download. (And they will get an e-mail inviting them to do the same.) Or you can simply click “Pay What You Want” and pay anywhere from $1 to $25.  So check it out by using the widgets below and help us spread the love!