CD Release Concert with Bebo Norman

29 03 2011

We’re excited to announce that our Music for the Radio CD Release Concert is just around the corner and that we’ll have a special guest headlining the show!  Bebo Norman, an incredible singer/songwriter, will be headlining the concert on Sunday, May 15 at Tallowood Baptist Church.  Doors open at 5:00 PM and the concert starts at 6:00 PM, and best of all – it’s free!  We hope to see you there!  Every penny we receive from sales of Music for the Radio benefits Aid Sudan’s Radio Station Project, which allows the people of southern Sudan to hear the Gospel in their own tribal languages.



Free Music for Father’s Day

19 06 2010

Here’s a Father’s Day gift that everyone will enjoy: free music!  With the help of some friends in Nashville and Houston I recently recorded a song that I wrote for Jess celebrating the birth of our son Evan.  Yesterday we celebrated our fifth anniversary, and the song was my gift to her.  (She approved!)

After Evan was born, a friend told me, “The best thing you can do for your son is to love his mother.”  What a profound thought!  I’ve heard people say that when your child is born it’s like your heart grows.  Now I know that it’s true.  Somehow loving your child makes you love your spouse more, and loving your spouse makes you love your child more.  That’s the beautiful thing about love: it’s self-replicating!

So on this Father’s Day weekend this is our gift for you.  Follow the link below to listen or download “Second Best Day.”  And just for good measure, the lyrics are printed as well.  Hope you enjoy!

Download “Second Best Day.”

Second Best Day
David Ray

Verse 1:
It was early in the month of May
When I had my second favorite day
You were gazing at his newborn eyes
And he was sleeping by his mother’s side
And oh, I felt it in the core of me
Something calling out for more of me
I see what love’s supposed to be
And that just might be my favorite thing

‘Cause my heart is yours
But I feel it growing for two somehow
And I love you more
Because of the life that you’re holding now
And my favorite day
Was the day that I made you my wife
But this is the second best day of my life

Verse 2:
I love the way he looks at you
Like he’ll never get a better view
And the way his tiny-fisted hands
Wrap around your fingers on command
And oh, I love the man you’ve made of me
Love the way that God created me
To a husband and a father be
And that just might be my favorite thing

And I’ve been thinking
That if love’s the measure of a person’s way
Then call me crazy
But I must be twice the man that I was yesterday

Christ Arose

5 04 2010

Have you ever wondered what are the two best words in the English language?  Right now sports fans might say “March Madness,”  children might think of “Christmas presents,” and moms everywhere long for “afternoon naps.”  But this Easter season I’m reminded that for believers those two best words are simply “Christ arose.”  I was thinking about that two years ago as we prepared for Easter and decided to write a song about it.  This year we thought it would be fun to arrange that song for choir, orchestra, and rhythm section and have virtually every musician in the Tallowood Music Ministry onstage as we celebrated the resurrection of our Savior.  I hope these words remind you that this is a truly a time for celebration.  And if this Easter season finds you in a place where celebration seems like the last thing you want to do, remember that no victory was ever so complete as the victory Christ won over sin and death on that first Easter Sunday morning.  What a joy to know that Christ arose!

Christ Arose
David Ray

Verse 1:
Behold the man bent and bruised beneath the cross
The wicked stripes the bitter price of perfect love
Behold him cry, It is finished, to the growing night
Behold the light of men as His eyes grow dim

Channel 1:
Behold the grave where they laid him
Where death was so certain
The stone has been rolled away

Christ arose, Christ arose
No sweeter words could any hand of man compose
Christ arose, Christ arose
And in His hands He bore the scars that cleansed my soul
To bring the dead to life Christ arose

Verse 2:
Behold the man bent and burdened by his sin
He bears the weight never meant for human arms

Channel 2:
Behold the face of your Savior
For death has no power
The stone has been rolled away

No victory was ever so complete
No enemy so vanquished in defeat
For just when all was lost or so it seemed
When hope was gone for wayward ones like me
Christ arose

Share the music of Dave and Jess Ray on NoiseTrade!

6 07 2009

We are happy to announce an easy new way to download and share the latest music from Dave and Jess Ray!  Using NoiseTrade you can either tell five friends about the album and get a free download, or pay whatever you think is appropriate for the music.  If you click “Tell 5 Friends” you’ll be asked to fill in five e-mail addresses of friends who would like to hear about the music and you’ll get a code for a free download. (And they will get an e-mail inviting them to do the same.) Or you can simply click “Pay What You Want” and pay anywhere from $1 to $25.  So check it out by using the widgets below and help us spread the love!

The Doorpost Songs on iTunes!

22 06 2009

Friends, I am happy to report that you can now find the new album, The Doorpost Songs: Next Generation on iTunes.  You can find it by searching for “The Doorpost Songs” or “Tallowood Kids” in the iTunes store, or you can just click on the link below:

Spread the word!  (I hear iTunes gifts are “in” these days!)


22 06 2009

The Doorpost Songs: Next Generation is finally here!  We had our release concert on Friday, June 12 at Tallowood with a full band backed by a choir of 100 kids.  The night was incredibly exciting, rewarding, and fulfilling for us.  It was wonderful to see the fruits of our labor over these last six months, and it was touching to see the kids sing these timeless truths with such enthusiasm!

The band was filled out by new and old friends.  Clint Milburn, the guitar player that I played with in Better Days Ahead, flew down from Nashville to be a part of the concert.  He was also heading out to Camp Tallowood the next day with us.  Seth Marcum, a new friend, also flew down to play bass.  He would be a part of the Camp band as well.  John Stanley, a new friend from Second Baptist who attended the band sessions in Nashville and actually played on one of the tracks, played drums, and Jeremy Good, a local musician, arranger, and producer played keys.  Finally, Lisa Pierre join us on background vocals.

We had a great rehearsal on Thursday with the band, which turned out to be an all-star cast.  They had all been listening to the music and had the songs down flat.  The only thing we had to do was put it together.  Having Lisa on BGVs was also a huge help, allowing us to pull off some of the more complex background vocal parts on the album.  The only question that remained was how the kids would sing on Friday night.

Just before 5:00 on Friday we finally gathered to soundcheck with the kids.  I was nervous about whether or not the kids would sing out and know the songs well, but those nerves were quickly put to rest.  They knew the songs cold, and sang their little hearts out.  There were multiple moments when I got choked up listening to them sing these words from Scripture.

Once we had soundchecked we dismissed the kids, put some finishing touches on our monitor mixes, and then grabbed a quick dinner.  (Regrettably I was only able to get a couple bites of my ice cream cookie sandwich!)  Before I knew it the clock struck 7:00 and we stepped on stage to begin the concert.  The lights dimmed and we played the opening video segment before launching into If God is For Us.  I tried to savor each moment, but they passed incredibly quickly.  Each song was met with enthusiastic response from the audience, for which the most credit must go to the kids.  Their energetic, enthusiastic singing carried the night.  In the blink of an eye we went from the first song all the way to Stand Firm, the final track.  The kids sang the final refrain, “Death is swallowed up in victory,” and after one last “trash can” ending, the night was completed.

It has been wonderful since then to receive feedback from kids and parents alike about how they are experiencing the new album.  I’ll try to share some of their stories in upcoming posts.  But for now it’s enough to say that I am both exhilarated and relieved to finally have the album out.  The CD release concert was a wonderful, memorable experience, thanks in no small part to the efforts of the media team (Gary Revis, Miguel Ortiz, Stefan Gerrard, Kyle Smith, Jonathan Lafferty); Alicia Music, the director of the kids choir; and, of course, the kids themselves.  We continue to pray that God would use this album to plant His truth in the lives of the next generation!